Inspiration/Hold your roots

Something I read that caught my attention recently made me want to go and write new songs. “Works of art are being created everyday” – TRUE and anything created is in some way, shape or form “art” no matter how tasteful it is. So how do I make the good stuff?The trick is to let yourself be inspired and then your work will truly breathe. Expose yourself to it, but whatever you do don’t force it! Let it come naturally and your creativity will flourish. It will catch you whilst off-guard. You will know when it’s good because you will see the stir as people are drawn towards it – and you wont find yourself telling other people about your work using the latest sales strategies; people will be telling YOU about it as well a host of others without needing the prod. This never means that it can’t be better of course, just that you are doing something right. Longevity can’t be foreseen it has to be proven. There’s a world out there to view, listen to, smell, touch and taste; gather up what moves you and talk freely about it.

I went off to a wedding to give my musical blessings recently. It was only once inside the venue where the reception was being held that a somewhat significant moment took place when it dawned on me that over 10 years ago I made my first ever solo singing performance on the very same stage I happened to be stood in front of. I pointed this out as I went through the reminiscing process in my head. Then the thought suddenly hit me: “Wow, i’ve come a long way since then!” I guess what I’m saying is never forget where you started and you’ll never regret being where you are.

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