INSIGHT: SCAMS, Young Blood video

This band will do well because they don’t give up. They care about their fans and like to share an insight to the creative process whenever possible. Not posting solely shallow tweets but actually giving a real account of what happens in the band. So when I saw their mailout in my inbox this morning I got excited about seeing what they had to offer.

Some bands work extremely hard creating quality work. They spend vast amounts of time building an outlet from where they can express themselves. The truest start at grass roots level, grow in to something they can be proud of and then begin to receive recognition. There must be no cheating. Were you one of those that used to get by using level select when video gaming in your juvenile years? Or did you prefer to see the whole game from start to finish and feel the frustration of not getting past that same point? Eventually it happens, you progress and you are satisfied. Besides the most effective learning is through being thorough and making mistakes.

On the surface of the Young Blood by Scams it could be easy to overlook the amount of hours and thought that has gone in to making this video. HOWEVER please view this for what it is; a group of young passionate individuals who most likely don’t have much money in their pocket to fund their art yet always manage to deliver something great! What I really like is the amount of experimentation that must have gone in to trying out different ideas to see what works.

Whilst you may not find it the most emotionally moving piece of film it keeps you engaged throughout because of the rapid pace of the shots. The different texture and layering is beautiful and this makes it visually interesting. Last time most of us remember using tracing paper is probably primary school but the style of animation fits in with the concept of the song perfectly. It’s honest.

I don’t know many bands that put so much graft in to one project. Many like to make excuses of growing older and getting caught up in the spin of life – work commitments, mortgage, family.  There are still the ones out there who manage to find the balance because they are driven by their passions. These are the sorts I enjoy writing about, not those who waste time looking for the short cuts but those who just do it regardless.

I am sharing the work of not only a devoted musician and artist but also a media specialist. At an exciting hour of technology it is now very possible to do what you once thought would be impossible.  Andy Warhol would’ve loved this!

So I encourage you to watch both of the videos below and I’m sure once you have seen “the making of” you will go back and watch the Young Blood video again. If you want to know how to succeed as an artist take a leaf out of Andy Morgan’s book. Enough talk just press play…


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