Acer Five @ The Deaf Institute

There are shows when I get home and I just have to write about it. This was one of them!

Stuart Avery had put together a great collective of quality supports including Will&Jess and Rene. The thing with Stuart is that he simply knows how to put a great event on and you can tell that acts enjoy working with him for this reason. You sense community at his gigs because the acts on the bill always compliment each other. The choice of venue was also perfect for this night.

I know that when I go to a George Borowski show I am going to enjoy myself and that’s with walking through the door without expectation. Each show is unique and you never know what to expect. What you do know is that Borowski will win over an entire audience with his hypnotic smile and natural charisma and you will never leave feeling short-changed. In fact you get the feeling that given the opportunity he would gladly carry on his celebration of live music whilst exhibiting the art of song until morning light.

I find it amusing when the crowd get confused by his whimsy quips when asking them “who’s come to be impressed?” and they raise their hands and soon realise that was the wrong answer. Haha now you know for next time!

The room was full and the atmosphere vibrated wall to wall and floor to ceiling. George Borowski entered delivering a heart-wrenching solo performance of She Finds Me which ended with a long ringing low note that even Tim Buckley would’ve taken his hat off to. He then he welcomed the band to the stage and cranked up the volume. There was an awareness here of the importance of varying the dynamic of the set keeping the listener engaged throughout.

This level of musicianship can only be reached from a lifetime of dedication to your passion. But technical ability is not the fascination here – true musicianship is the understanding of exactly what works for the song and more importantly what to leave out. When you find yourself not only nodding your head but also stamping the leg and rocking side to side you know that the bass and drums are grooving in precise time. Timing is key!

Linda Paganini was then introduced to the audience. The show exploded when she took to the stage singing Borowski’s beautifully crafted song “I Am In Love”. Her voice heightened emotions and ripped through you from the bottom of the stomach right up to the tip of the head. It had more soul than a Harlem gospel choir. An unforgettable part of the show and certainly the dramatic highlight of the night was when the band kicked in mid song – the crowd responded with an endless cheer. “Faith” was another stand out song with a chorus that allowed Linda Paganini to fully demonstrate the sheer power of her pitch perfect voice.

The set was performed with the band totally immersed in the music and this is what gained them rapturous applause after every song. The energy in this house was entirely positive and lifted spirits. When leaving a George Borowski performance you always feel refreshed and inspired having gained a new wealth of knowledge. And there I went strolling off down the street whistling “Just Surviving” and feeling rich like life had just been enhanced somewhat.

If you haven’t witnessed an Acer Five show I strongly urge you do so and you will be blessed with wisdom from one of the most interesting characters I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

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