The Dunwells

As a side note, I first came across these guys in Lefsetz’s Letter in which I have been reading religiously for almost four years now. For any of you who don’t know, Bob Lefsetz is a must read if you want to gain a clear understanding on the music business. My evening reading is usually this blog and when Francesca asks me “What are you up to?” my answer often being “I’m just catching up with Bob”.

Always find time for Bob or you could miss out on some truly great nuggets of information.

The Dunwells (formerly named The Dunwell Brothers) hailing from Leeds are the freshest smelling and honest faced musical talent I’ve heard in ages. It’s Mumford done with a more uplifting twist and is filled with positive vibes. It’s the same basic yet tasteful chord offerings that Tom Petty made his fortune on and something most Matchbox Twenty fans will certainly buy into.


“I COULD BE A KING” – wow! I haven’t played a song on repeat like this waiting for it to unveil it’s flaw to me for some time. IT’S A SURE HIT!

What makes it great is it’s sheer simplicity pitched against a flurry of heartfelt vocal layers combined with vivid imagination! Lyrically in places lines like “I could be a superhero” on first listen could be seen as a little cringe worthy – BUT if you really get it you will sense this subtle tongue in cheek notion is the art of creating an ambition driven song. For me it’s about bottling up all those early childhood dreams and being defiant to let go.

It’s the simple idea and message of this song that makes it great and the track has been eloquently produced enhancing it’s original intention without losing what is special about it. Listen to how it begins, how it ends. Budding artists/songwriters should break down the detail of what makes it so good that you want to play it over and over. The song grows from start to finish. The second verse is partially repeated lyrically although it does not feel at all stale. Why? Because it jumps up into the higher register after the first chorus taking the song to a new level that really feels like it’s going somewhere and not being tied to any given formula. This is pop music cooked on a slow turning skewer.

At the start of the song the vocal comes in immediately which might not be ideal for a radio DJ to babble over the top of. However, for the purpose of the song it works a treat as it grabs you from first note with the instant human connection. You can’t get drawn in any closer on a personal level than listening to a genuine vocal. You believe him.

The chanted gang vocal section acts as a second chorus and knocks you out instantly adding the strong hook to the song that it will benefit from enormously at future live shows. The pause before the final chorus is fitting and it doesn’t get any higher than this. Just when you thought you were safe on the top floor it goes through the roof – this is the climax. From section to section you can’t predict where this pop song is going. That’s when you know you’ve made all the right decisions – when it works naturally!

Enough said check out this video

The United States will appreciate this music and when the band return so will the UK with the release of their debut album “Blind Sighted Faith” which comes out March 5th.

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  1. Diane

    The Dunwells! Greatest vocal harmonies I’ve heard in a very long time. Their first album has such diverse tracks, something for everyone. Not one bad track, all worthy hit singles in their own right. These guy have reached for the stars and touched them.

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