When I hear something and I take a strong liking it’s usually because I believe it.

Once again The Coopers surpassed all expectations last night in the Deaf Institute and performed a remarkable set of incredibly arranged songs. It is impossible to see this band live and not feel thoroughly entertained – however whilst doing so they send out such substance through their sound.

What we have here is two Australians, one Greek and a home turf Brit. All these personalities are thrown into the mix and deliver a fresh blend of indie/folk/pop. The bass and drums groove really well together and the vocals were outstanding. The set grew throughout with interesting quirks and surprise instruments providing some great hooks – notably when the bassist pulled a melodica out of the bag was a visual spectacle. There was also a glockenspiel, synth and separately pitched bright coloured hand bells which became a real feature of the set.

With an addictive smile Chelsea Carins acts as the front of the group however there doesn’t seem to be any swagger or ego involved with this band and they all play equal roles in producing a truly great sound.

Their songs make you feel HAPPY. It’s about time there was a band that can throw some positivity out there without making you cringe in the process. The calibre of writing is right up there with the best of them and songs like “Get What You Wanted” was a memorable one for me.

What strikes me about these guys is their genuine approach to making music. They do so in such a way that makes you realise what a gift it is to be able create. You don’t once get the feel of imitation here and it’s evident that their musical influences range over a wide and tasteful palette.

They commanded the audience through engaging with them endlessly. This was a performance from artist to audience yet you felt as though you were a part of it! Which made it such a great experience The Coopers certainly know how to make people enjoy themselves and they do this by having fun themselves. You felt comfortable watching this band and there was no sign for one second that they doubted the reason they were on stage. They removed any boundaries from the beginning and then served up one deliciously catchy song after another.

Manchester needs The Coopers back and I will be announcing another show for them later in the year over the coming weeks.

Check them out…

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