Minor Blues @ The Deaf Institute

Minor Blues liveWriting again today – and it feels good!

Truth is I felt compelled after the event that took place on Friday 26th July that being Minor Blues headlining the Deaf Institute. They did it!

Everything was in it’s place as it should be. No clumsiness just solid performance and you believed every second of it. Like a thoughtfully written story the band’s set had a beginning, middle and an end.

Let’s start… at the start then.

The lights went down and entering the stage alone was a lonesome harmonica player who took hold of a microphone and started kicking up a storm in there. It put the entire audience in a trance as they gazed upon one man darting around the stage playing with such conviction. It lifted the spirits of the room and set the scene wonderfully as the band entered to an accelerated applause.

What happened next was a spectacle of brilliance. Dressed in their band attire of white shirts and black ties (which their followers have become familiar with) the band rattled through their opening number with such confidence there was no doubt in my mind this was going to be an exciting show. The band played with steely sharp focus and the audience instantly switched their attention as they stood silent listening attentively.

Moving from one song to the next with smooth links and it all just flowed like the kind of polished performance you’d expect to find in the Bridgewater Hall. Lead vocalist – Kyle Edge – connected with listeners making use of stage space and giving constant eye contact – plus the occasional grin. It was clear how much he enjoyed being up there with his musical brothers and the adrenaline was certainly carrying them all as they interacted with each other. They looked undeniably comfortable and they belonged on stage – they could’ve told me they owned the place and I would’ve believed them!

minor blues2Playing live as a 6-piece band, Minor Blues have developed their craft rapidly during the past 12months.  Their sound in a nutshell is a blues rock band with plenty of seventh chords, plus saxophone and harmonica. Perfect timing and tight drumming!

These guys are taking risks and this explains why they are starting to build the sort of profile where they can comfortably fill small theatres. They are not following any trends or haircuts just simply enjoying making music and sharing it with like-minded people.

Check them out next time they come to town!

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