R-FEST: 100 Live bands, 2 Stages @ RETRO


R-FEST IS A BRAND NEW INDEPENDENT LIVE MUSIC AND ARTS FESTIVAL, which will take place at Retro from the 1st to the 7th of July 2019. Seven days of live shows including 100 live bands, cold beers, Vietnamese street food and lots of spontaneous happenings.

R-Fest will be championing Manchester’s grass roots creative community and offer a full week where people can enjoy a diverse array of events taking place over both floors at Retro.

Rook and The Ravens / 32 Tens / Danny Addison / Elephant and the Rider / Gen & The Degenerates / Bethlehem Casuals / Gideon Conn / The Zangwills / Nii  / Shape Of Water / Mantis State / The Luka State / Vonum / Little Grim / Future Fires / The Shops / Raised By Wolves / Entropy / Stepford Wives / Plain Sails / The Lotts / Paul  Iwan /  Plain Navy / We The North / Richard Carlson / SKINT

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