Formed in early 2010, MADISON STATE have taken audiences by storm with their pounding riffs, catchy melodies and a powerful high octane live show which has earned them the reputation of being one of the UK’s must see bands

Brought together by a mutual love and passion for Rock music both past and present, the band made up of Liam Greaves (vocals), Louis Davis (Drums) and Mark Doyle (Guitars) set to work writing and recording their debut album.

In order to achieve the huge arena sound they were looking for the band turned to long time friend and rising producer Andy Giblin who’s knowledge and abilities enabled them create the album they knew they could deliver….that album became “ALL NEW REALITY”

As Hard Rock was considered to be currently out of fashion in the UK, MADISON STATE had the balls to take their sound right to the heart of the underground and went face to face with new audiences risking the onslaught of bottles and jibes.

The result was nothing quite like the band had planned as energetic front man Liam had the crowds jumping to every riff and listening to every word.

Founded in January 2010, a group of four guys from Manchester, with a mutual passion for all things music, drink and women, set out together on a journey to restore rock and all its glory back to what it used to be! Named after a well known Pantera song, the combination of catchy riffs, gravel shredding vocals and a solid backbone of chest thumping bass and head splitting snares, leaves no doubt that they are The Goddamn Electric!

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